Tips for Lowering Your Energy Bills

Tips for Lowering Your Energy Bills

If your energy costs seem to be getting higher and higher each month, you are not alone. Many homeowners are frustrated by increasing bills, but you don’t have to just sit back and hand over your hard-earned dollars. Instead, take an active role in lowering your energy bills by implementing some of these ideas. Read more

Installing Smoke Detectors

Don’t Get Burned By Your Smoke Detector

If you are currently engaging in a bit of house cleaning, here’s a handy tip for you: Check out your smoke detector to make sure it’s in proper working order! Were you aware that over 350,000 house fires take place each and every year, with thousands of fatalities as the result? In order to ensure that your home remains safe, it’s vitally important that you pay attention to the state of your smoke alarm, so as not to get burned if your luck turns.

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