Generator Services

Don’t get left in the dark! We install generators for homes and businesses throughout Southwest Florida.

What happens when there's a power outage? Does your business shut down?

If you had a generator, this wouldn’t happen, even if you experienced a long-term power outage. This is because generators give your business a backup power source via a heavy-duty, rechargeable battery.

Our Generator Services Include:

  • Generator Sales, Service & Installation
  • Commercial, Industrial and Residential
  • Fixed Site or Portable Units
  • Crews trained and certified
  • Annual Maintenance Programs
  • Parts Service
  • 24/7 Monitoring Systems
  • Preventive Generator Maintenance
  • Complete installation of ELECTRIC and GAS Generators

How Generators are Useful For Your Business

There are several reasons why your business needs a generator, including:

  • They ensure your continued productivity when a power outage occurs.
  • When a snow storm or heat wave occurs, a generator ensures everyone remains safe and comfortable.
  • Generators protect your computer data and keep your security systems up and running.
  • You’ll have an uninterrupted power source so everything continues running as normal.

Types of Commercial Generators

Several different types of commercial generators exist on the market today. It’s important to know a little about each of them so you can choose the best one for your job. These include:

  • Portable generators are typically plugged into an appliance via an extension cord, but you can also hire an electrician to wire them into a subpanel too. The one drawback to these generators is they only power essential items like lights, refrigerators, and computers. However, they are a simple, inexpensive way to offer a limited supply of electricity. For these to work, you must locate them 10 feet away from your business in an area that’s completely open so carbon monoxide poisoning doesn’t occur.
  • Standby generators turn on automatically when there’s a power outage so you don’t experience any interruptions in your electrical service. Natural gas or propane powers these, making them much quieter than portable models. You can power everything in your business with a standby generator, which is why they typically cost more. Plus, you’ll need a professional to install them for you. At the same time, they must also install a transfer switch and subpanel.

Potential Problems

With every generator comes the potential for the following problems:

  • Battery failure is the most common issue. It’s typically the result of sulfate building up on terminals, shorts, open cells, tripped charger breakers, charger failures, or too loose or dirty connections.
  • Low coolant occurs when there are leaks or clogged radiators. When this happens the generator starts running hot and so it shuts down.
  • A faulty block heater occurs because they must run so often. You’ll know this has occurred when a low coolant temp alarm goes off.
  • Wet stacking (a.k.a. an excessive no-load run time) results in an over-fueled engine wherein carbon particles, unburned fuel, condensed water, and acids in the exhaust accumulate.
  • Air in the fuel system prevents injectors from firing. This is usually caused by generators that aren’t run regularly, so make sure you do your weekly inspections.
    If you accidentally push the emergency shut off, you’ll want to check the automatic transfer switch (ATS) . This isn’t something you’ll want to do if you don’t know how because doing so can result in severe energy or even death.

Also, remember to never plug your generator into a wall outlet! This is what’s known as backfeeding and when it’s done without throwing the main breaker you can send a power backup into the grid. When this happens you can seriously injure or kill someone.

Professional Generator Installation

Talk to the professionals at All Phase Electric to determine what size of generator you need. They know how to determine the wattage you need so you don’t overload your system.

They’ll also ensure your safety by setting up your wiring and plugging your generator in for you. In doing so, they’ll make sure you’re properly disconnected from the grid so the power is delivered safely to your business. Of course, this also helps to ensure your generator is properly located too.

Working with All Phase Electric

When you work with All Phase Electric you can rest assured they’ll complete everything right the first time. As such, you’ll have a safe, working generator the next time the power goes off. Since All Phase Electric has most automatic standby generator models in stock, their factory trained and certified technicians can install yours in as little as 8 hours.

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